Sunday, 24 November 2013

Pennine Autumn

Do you like paragliders? Do you like majestic Pennine scenery? Do you like surprising juxtapositions of the two? Well, here at The Langsett we've got a bit of a treat for you...

That's Rushup Edge above, and Castleton below. The hill in the foregournd is Mam Tor, making up for its fairly modest height by still being satisfyingly more massive than everything around it. I loved the way that it was still a bright, sunny afternoon on top of the hill, while in Castleton, it was dusk already.

Various members of The Langsett's family met on Mam Tor on Saturday. My eldest daughter Kate was particularly chuffed with her burgeoning mountaineering skills. "Daddy, I'm on top of the world!" she informed me from on top of the trig point on the summit. Powerful updraughts were sweeping up the northern slope from Edale, which I guess accounts for the sky full or paragliders.

I sometimes reflect on the misery inherent on living in London. There's the whole Boris Johnson situation, and those funny trains that go under the ground of course. But more importantly,there's the one hundred and sixty five miles separating you from all this stuff.

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